CRISIL Real Estate Project Grading

India’s real estate industry has shifted to Version 2.0, where it is more regulated, professional and accountable.


Consequently, today’s buyers want credible real estate developers and quality certified projects.


Enter CRISIL Real Estate Star Gradings.


These are an independent assessment of a real estate project by experts. The real estate rating addresses two critical needs in the sector: improved transparency and objective benchmarking of projects, helping buyers identify quality projects within their city.

  • CRISIL rigorously scrutinises the projects based on the quality of legal documentation, construction-related risks and financial flexibility/viability of the project, besides the background and the track record of the developer
  • The CRISIL Real Estate Star Gradings is based on an eight-point scale specific to the city, with City 7-Star being the highest and City 0-Star the lowest
  • We issue the score after multiple steps that showcase the thoroughness of our grading process
  • After our expert analysts analyse and verify the information you provide, they undertake a site visit and interact with project stakeholders. This is followed by preparing the grading report and presenting before the CRISIL grading committee, which assigns the score. Once the developer accepts the grading, it is made public by CRISIL
  • Helps you to differentiate your project and gives you a competitive advantage
  • Offers a SWOT analysis, which enables you to improve 
  • Provides an assurance to buyers and investors
  • Enhances your reputation as a transparent and professional developer
  • Allows you to grow your market and set premium pricing
  • Enables buyers to make an informed decision

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