CRISIL Credit Assessment Score (CCAS)

Is your business strong enough to withstand competition?


How can lenders find out how creditworthy you are? 


CRISIL Credit Assessment Score (CCAS) is the answer to both questions.


CCAS provides micro and small enterprises (MSEs) a thorough evaluation of their credit profile.


It's done by assessing your transaction history and risks – both management and financial – and contexualises your score against peer performance. 


This robust commercial risk management solution combines CRISIL’s rich domain expertise and institutional intelligence with industry best practices. 


What does your business get from CCAS?


  • Quality grading helps MSEs assess their own strengths and weaknesses
  • MSEs get empowered with an independent evaluation and assessment to establish credibility with customers, creditors and lenders
  • Grading process is valid for twelve months from the report date, with a semi-annual refresh score based on updated information provided by the MSE


  • Assess the promoter's ability to manage the business effectively, helping bankers arrive at an informed decision
  • Understand the repayment track record, assuring various stakeholders on your creditworthiness
  • Ascertain profitability, working capital management and credit protection metrics
  • Verify your identity, address and business for associates, prospective customers and financial institutions

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