CRISIL Verified

Identity and credibility – two qualities that are crucial to the growth of an enterprise.


CRISIL Verified provides exactly that – a value-added quality gradings service that offers micro, small and medium enterprise (MSMEs) an independent seal of authentication of its market presence.


A seal that helps establish reliability and creates opportunity.


We will profile your MSME by covering various aspects of its business after verifying the information you provide. As a result, your business gets a CRISIL Verified identity in just 3-5 working days.


This is a unique code certifying credentials to potential customers, suppliers, and lenders from microfinance institutions to banks. And if your MSME has an online presence, the website can display the CRISIL Verified logo.

  • Builds an authenticated identity for your business
  • Provides a detailed analysis of your business to stakeholders and financial institutions
  • Offers an overview of the industry in which you operate
  • Corroborates the information you provide on your awards and certifications
  • Presents a management profile to showcase your expertise and experience
  • Facility visit places a final seal of verification on your business
  • Builds your credibility and positions you as a reliable business partner since your enterprise is verified by CRISIL, an S&P Global company, known for its unbiased gradings and verifications
  • Enhances the confidence of potential customers, suppliers, and bankers
  • Builds a better market identity and helps attract global customers
  • Increases business opportunities through online positioning
  • Reduces the risk of transaction failure by enabling buyers to make informed decisions
  • Leverages the CRISIL brand to differentiate your organisation from peers

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