SMART is an innovative financial research platform powered by cognitive automation that enables analysts to emulate certain tasks and optimize decision making for many others.

It has 6 core modules that assist with up to 80% of the activities performed by a research associate.

Our customers use SMART to reduce the turnaround time for many analyst workflow tasks and assist them to focus on differentiation and generating new ideas.

SMART has model-ready data for 3,000+ companies in its central data library.


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SMART- An innovative financial research tool
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V Srinivasan, President, CRISIL GR&A
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Suresh Krishnamurthy, Senior Director, CRISIL GR&A
Research automation with SMART
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Investment research faces technological disruption, profitability pressures

powerful platform for research


Company-Industry data
  • Model ready historical data
  • Automated data extraction for core industry
    & macro data
  • Super fast earnings update
  • Custom connectors to paid data sources
  • Get started quick with sector templates
  • Faster model updates
  • In-built model validation rules for accuracy
  • Version management to help identify changes
  • Peer analysis
  • Data transformation
  • Transcript analysis
  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis
  • Equity screening and backtesting
  • News collection for coverage universe
  • Customized news summary reports
  • News analytics
    • - Sentiment analysis
    • - News count analysis
  • Intelligent earnings data that read data from
    your models
  • Flexible setup for customizing style & content
    of report
  • One click refresh of reports & presentations
  • Notifications & updates
  • Events timeline
  • Charting
  • Data variance reports
  • Export data to other modules

Change is good


Increased retention through work enrichment and growing knowledge repository

Consistent execution and rich experience leading to higher analyst satisfaction

Eliminate repeated data collection across businesses with a single SMART data library and save costs

Automated execution of tasks helps scale current volumes effectively

Comprehensive validation rules ensure 100% data accuracy across all tasks

Model update and earnings note in an hour after release; One click update of data sets

Intelligent Algorithm, Continuous learning Market driven differentiated/ thematic research notes

  • Secure and Compliant
  • Data architecture ensures secure storage of proprietary information behind client firewalls
  • No client proprietary information stored even on CRISIL network. Active Directory integration ensures all security policies of the client organization is adhered
  • Robust built-in access control features and authentication of all users
  • REST API's allow safe & encrypted communication with CRISIL data library. Highly available API's ensure model data is always available
  • Offline mode allows the user to work on Excel and sync data back later
  • Extensive logging mechanism in-place which can help to comply with SoX and other audit controls

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