Risk Intelligence and Solutions Ecosystem (RISE)

Across the financial services industry, banks engage in a wide variety of risk management practices that are complementary and share synergies. RISE is a unique ecosystem that works with its member banks to develop best practices and centralise delivery, thereby reducing duplication and strengthening risk management.


Participation in RISE allows banks globally to engage with one another and discuss industry issues, best practices and benchmarks. Based on these, RISE engages in the customised design and build of innovative industry solutions that add significant value to banks.


RISE operates at the cutting edge of innovation, delivering intelligent solutions through an efficient business model using technology as an enabler.


Key Components of the RISE Ecosystem



RISE has two products available for use currently, with several others under scoping and development.

Scenario Expansion Manager (SEM)

A centralised one-stop analytical platform providing modelling services for Regulatory Stress Testing.

Low Default Portfolios (LDP)

A data consortium, pooling banks’ internal default data for Low Default Portfolios, and enabling development of accurate and robust Probability of Default (PD) models.

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  • For information/queries, you can reach us at: rise@crisil.com