Jun 17 Mumbai

Industry series - Renewable energy sector

Training dates - June 17 & 18, 2019 

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹50,000 + applicable taxes




All eyes on green power


The stage is set for rapid growth of renewable energy with due policy and regulatory facilitation from thegovernment. Tariffs reaching grid parity as well as development of requisite infrastructure will also supportgrowth of renewable energy.


However, several issues remain. Aggressive bidding, payment delays, back-down of power and high debt costare long shadows. Large scale integration of renewable energy can also result in significant grid variation if theissue is not addressed in time. A confluence of these factors can potentially restrain flow of capital as well asput the existing debt at risk.


This makes it an opportune time for lenders, investors and other stakeholders alike to take stock of the issuesand developments, to be able to take informed steps in their respective roles.


Key learnings


The programme will cover in granular detail:


  • Reasons for the rapid rise in renewable energy capacities in India
  • Implications of changes in the regulatory framework and key policies
  • Changing trends, opportunities and risks in renewable energy
  • Credit risks associated with the sector


So what's in it for you?


Get a granular understanding of the current and emerging sectoral nuances. That, in turn, will give the confidence to construct your own views on the renewable energy segment – as an investor, lender or other stakeholder.


Understand the risks so that you can devise the appropriate mitigation tools and pave the way for rapid adoption of renewable energy in India.