Rating Analytics

CRISIL Rating Analytics is a high-end analytics and benchmarking tool that allows for tracking and analysing the performance of rated companies in India. Delivered through a web-based platform, the tool provides actionable insights that can help investors effectively monitor their portfolios and take informed financial decisions. 


The tool extensively covers the following: 

30,000 debt instruments, including NCDs, bonds, preference shares, commercial papers and certificates of deposits
16,000+ entities with their detailed credit rating reports
60,000+ SMEs that have been assigned a rating by CRISIL



It also covers all the ratings issued by any Credit Ratings agency in India for the above corporate and financial entities. 


Features of this tool: 

  • Advanced Search on financial & non-financial parameters
  • My Portfolio - build, upload and monitor the companies in your portfolio
  • Compare - between companies/industries/portfolios, company to industry, portfolio to industry
  • Company Profile - view company details, rating information & financials
  • Rating List - single-screen view for ratings across agencies
  • Rating History - users can access history of ratings migration
  • E-mail Alerts - on rating changes
  • Commentaries and Analyses - opinions from CRISIL Ratings along with views on topical themes
  • Rating Methodologies and Criteria - for various sectors & instruments

Benefits   For industries 
Monitoring existing portfolio
Banks, NBFCs, insurance companies, AMCs
Identifying target companies Private equity firms, investment banking, corporate finance advisory firms
Focused marketing Banks, NBFCs
Prudent investment decisions AMCs, insurance companies, treasuries
Understanding credit profile Banks, NBFCs, large corporates


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