Credit Portfolio

Do you need analytics based on the rating and financial performance of constituent companies in your portfolio?


Quantix Credit Portfolio is your one-stop solution for aggregated analytics on a customised set of companies

Qualitative research scheme

Portfolio Dashboard

View financial, rating and Industry Risk (IRS) information, covering distribution, movement and top/bottom performers

Qualitative research scheme

Historical analysis

  • View aggregated trends in financial and rating information
  • Compare portfolio against universe level financial and rating benchmarks
Qualitative research scheme

Portfolio Sharing / Linking

  • Merge (link) multiple portfolios to create a larger portfolio for combined analytics
  • Share portfolios within teams
  • Details of all portfolios, along with details of upgrades / downgrades
Qualitative research scheme

Portfolio Comparison

  • Compare portfolios against each other or against industry
  • Parameters include rating distribution and key financial ratios


Screenshot 1: A screen showing recent rating updates in the currently chosen portfolio



Screenshot 2: The Portfolio overview screen, showing rating changes along with a trend analysis of industry risk scores


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